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First Looks, yes or no?

Embracing Two Special Moments: The "First Look" and walking down the aisle

Weddings are a culmination of love, commitment, and emotions. Traditionally, the groom waits at the altar, eagerly anticipating the first glimpse of his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. However, an emerging trend in weddings challenges this tradition by incorporating a "first look" before the ceremony. In this blog post, we will explore how having a first look does not diminish the significance of the groom seeing the bride walk down the aisle, but instead adds an extra layer of intimacy and excitement to the wedding day.

Two Special Moments, Not One:

What I have witnessed after capturing many "first looks", is that having a first look does not replace, or ruin the moment when the groom sees the bride walk down the aisle. Instead, it creates two equally special moments to be captured that complement each other. The "first look" offers an intimate and private moment for the couple to connect and relax a little, allowing this moment to be captured of them together, in the same frame. The bride walking down the aisle amidst all the guests, friends and family, standing before her, make for a powerful and electric feeling for the groom and for all.

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